TosLabs — Our Multichain IDO Platform is Now Live

We are delighted to announce TosLabs is finally live on the Tosdis platform. Toslabs is a multichain IDO(initial DEX offering) platform with initial support for BSC & ERC20 tokens. We are aiming to become the leading IDO platform in the Defi space by offering a truly multichain platform.

What is TosLabs?

TosLabs will serve as an incubator for new and upcoming innovative projects by assisting them with our connections and expertise- we are more than just a platform to raise capital. We will use our vast experience in assessing the projects which we feel have the greatest potential and will be selective on who we allow to raise capital on our platform.

TosLabs promises the smoothest experience for sale participants as well as project owners. Projects will be able to raise capital through token sales, whitelist participants, and set raise amounts on the platform. TosLabs IDO Launchpad will support multiple chains, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized and secure manner. The platform supports projects utilizing the ERC20 & BSC network initially; support for more chains such as Polkadot, Opera, and other requested chains will also be integrated in the future.

The TosLabs project also supports multiple wallets. All popular non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask, MathsWallet, TrustWallet, and WalletConnect are supported. So, anyone can choose the wallet of their choice to purchase the tokens through this platform, and if they are a DeFi project then people participating in their IDO can also purchase the tokens easily without having to worry about the wallet that they’re using.

Tier System

Below is the tier system for TosLabs. All the parameters can be adjusted as and when needed and depend on the project.

What’s next?

Since launch of our exclusive product Easystake, we have seen a steady growth with over 20+ pools deployed in the past one month. TosLabs has been our highly anticipated product by our community. We are really happy that it is now finally live. A busy and exciting month of April waits ahead as we prepare to disclose our first IDO project in upcoming days. So, stay tuned and HODL your DIS in order to participate.

How to Apply for IDO

To apply for your project to be listed on Toslabs please use the application on the homepage or email We are currently reviewing multiple projects for our first IDO as we want to be selective and list the best possible project for our community. We hope to announce our first IDO very soon.

Team Tosdis would like to thank our community for its continued support.




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