TosLabs — Our Multi-chain IDO Platform — Development Update

Tosdis Finance
2 min readMay 3, 2021

Decentralized Finance has matured at an extremely rapid pace and has opened up features normally only seen in capital markets, to basically everyone. The downside of this explosion is the loss of quality control, resulting in a lack of trust by the community. TosDis is resolving this issue by doing the proper due diligence of its upcoming projects. After all, there’s no better way of gaining people’s much-needed trust than actually offering projects with strong fundamentals and valuable use cases. Apart from highlighting this careful approach, we wanted to give an update about the recent developments of our platform, which were implemented in order to give our community the possibility to participate in many exciting projects at an earlier stage.

Before we dive into these developments, we would like to highlight the fact that fundraising in the crypto scene has really become an eyecatcher; especially over the past few months, and is typically offered as a multi-step operation. Often projects will try to attract the right investors through a package of different presale options. A common denominator for all of these rounds are the specific vesting schedules tied to each one of them, which are implemented in order to combat supply shocks.

In order to facilitate these vesting schedules we’ve amended our code, allowing DIS holders to participate at an earlier stage through different funding rounds. This amendment all comes down to the tweaking of the following points:

  • Inserting a vesting schedule which can be changed in accordance with a project’s fundraising terms, and which could be tailored to each specific round.
  • Inserting a token release schedule which distributes/unlocks the token at specific points of time in accordance with the project’s fundraising terms, and which, again, could be tailored to each specific round.

By implementing these upgrades, we are fulfilling our promises to become the one-stop DeFi interoperable solution; that sets out to give its community access to some of the most exciting offerings on the market.