TosLabs Introduces InvestDex

We’re pleased to announce that InvestDex will be launching its IDO through TosLabs shortly. More details concerning the IDO will follow in the next few days, but we would like to take the time to properly introduce the project to our community.

InvestDex, aims to create a first-of-its-kind workstation with a special focus on the DeFi Space, essentially making trading easier and more structured. By combining traditional task management software with the most advanced data available on the market, InvestDex’s purpose is to let you visualize, manage and organize your assets, so you can gain an edge on the market.

Key Differentiators

  • All necessary tools to create customized portfolio strategies;
  • Customizable workplace and calendar;
  • Alerts, limit orders…;
  • Curated list of top projects;
  • Immediate access to up-to-date crypto news;
  • Detailed exploration of tokens;
  • Integrated buy or sell displays;
  • Risk management features;
  • Roadmap features;
  • And many more…


The payment of subscription fees will only be handled in the native INVEST token by connecting your Metamask wallet. Furthermore, InvestDex introduces a tiered system, where people who hold a predefined amount of INVEST tokens or who provide liquidity will qualify for discounts on monthly subscription fees as well as additional services.

In addition to all of this, InvestDex maintains a deflationary system where 50% of the tokens collected from subscription fees will be burned for the first six months and 15% of these fees will be burned the following year.

Essential Token Information

Total Supply: 50,000,000

Symbol: INVEST

Type: BEP20

Token address: 0x853A8Ab1c365ea54719EB13A54d6B22F1fBe7FEb

What’s coming for InvestDex?

InvestDex has been developed to solve integral problems of the industry and the underlying technology sets it apart from other projects. By deploying this technology and combining it with traditional task management tools, InvestDex aims to become a game-changer with every investor’s success as its main aspiration.

InvestDex will release a beta version of its product, which will only be available on trial for a limited period of time. In addition, new upcoming advanced features for (premium) users will be implemented shortly. Furthermore, early investors will have early access to the beta version and their feedback will be properly evaluated in order to create the best possible workplace.

InvestDex Socials

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

TosDis Socials

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