TosDis Successfully Integrated With Trustwallet, Mathwallet & Walletconnect — to be Released on March 5th

Dear TosDis Community,

We are excited to announce that the TosDis dApp has been successfully integrated with support for more wallets along with the previously available Metamask Wallet. The new integration will be released on the March 5th 2021. This update will allow Trustwallet, Mathwallet & Walletconnect to interact with our DeFi dApp. Users will subsequently have the ability to choose to connect to any of their favorite wallets. Users will no longer be restricted to using Metamask Wallet to connect with our dApp saving them the hassle and unnecessary transaction fees and block confirmation time to re-route the funds to Metamask Wallet.

Trustwallet, Mathwallet & Walletconnect are also non-custodial wallets, meaning that the user has full control of their funds. Users will have the ability to stake instantly & withdraw crypto assets. Users will now be able to interact with our Easystake platform with any wallet of theirs choice. Stay tuned for more updates.


  • TosDis has successfully integrated with Trustwallet, Mathwallet & Walletconnect & will be available from the 5th of March.
  • Users will be able to interact with TosDis DeFi dApps with a wide variety of wallets.

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