TosDis Signs Strategic Partnership With Unilend Finance

Tosdis Finance
2 min readFeb 18, 2021

TosDis is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Unilend Finance to further strengthen and expand its ecosystem. By offering lending and borrowing to DIS holders it will create greater utility for our token holders.

TosDis, like its name, is “The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution’’. Our vision is to support a range of products on our platform. These include Staking-as-a-Service, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced DEX.

UniLend Finance is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts.

Full scope and details of the partnership

UniLend will allow trading, lending, and borrowing of DIS (TosDis’s token). With this integration , there will be a range of opportunities for DIS holders. DIS holders can take advantage of the features provided by Unilend Finance.

TosDis is excited to be able to unlock more opportunities to DIS holders by integration with Unilend Finance .

TosDis CEO Mamoon says, “Partnering with Unilend is another great step forward for TosDis. By partnering up with Unilend we can provide DIS holders with further utility for their tokens and bring another exciting name to our platform.”

About Unilend Finance

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized DeFi protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts. In the money markets, the interest rates and collateralization ratio are based on supply, demand, and other market forces and borrowing limits are decided by liquidity in the trading pairs. The integrated smart contract for both features of the protocol allows both trading & DeFi capabilities to co-exist within the same protocol. This solves the liquidity and liquidation issue which has been limiting the growth of DeFi adoption to a broader market.

About TosDis

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to stake different ERC-20 tokens and later expand to include tokens from other blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform. TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of tokens for their communities to provide staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

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