TosDis leverages Strategic Partnership with ReBlock Digital

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3 min readFeb 15, 2021

In line with our plan for accelerated growth for the TosDis ecosystem, TosDis is excited to announce our partnership with ReBlock Digital. TosDis’s vision is to become the market leader for permission-less services in the Defi Space. This partnership is a step forward in that direction to bring more user adoption to the TosDis ecosystem.

TosDis, like its name, is “The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution’’. We align with this image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-a-Service, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced DEX.

ReBlock Digital is an immersive private consulting boutique. ReBlock collaborates and forms partnerships with tech companies like TosDis to support them in becoming powerhouse businesses.

ReBlock involves itself deeply in all facets of its partner companies’ business, from strategy to execution in making companies organically become dominant and sustainable. ReBlock employs a “do whatever it takes” approach to making sure its partner’s companies succeed, including marketing the business, business development systems, growth, user acquisition, high-level strategy, team/advisor recruitment, market research, and major business decision support.

This partnership helps accelerate many business and growth elements.

Led by Inc. 500 Entrepreneurs, Finance, and Blockchain veterans, the team behind ReBlock has a great deal of experience, connections, and support. Therefore, this partnership will help us expedite business growth, which will eventually get us to mainstream adoption. The team will help us with overall strategy, business development, marketing the business, and find other partnerships that will help expand our ecosystem and further user adoption.

TosDis is excited to team up with ReBlock Digital to utilize their successful business, entrepreneurial, marketing, technology, product development, and finance experience.

Team Behind ReBlock Digital

Brian D. Evans is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. Brian built one of the Top 25 digital marketing agencies in America, with past clients numerous multi-million and billion-dollar brands. He has amassed a following of over 1MM, built and exited various successful startups in eComm, Digital Publishing, Technology, and Marketing verticals. Brian has deep connections in tech and marketing, has been consistently published or featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, and has a long list of strong advisory and consulting roles. He has helped numerous technology companies and brands achieve massive goals for over 15 years.

Kenny Izevbigie is an Entrepreneur, Finance veteran, and Blockchain Strategist who built a 7-figure digital marketing agency focused on financial products. He amassed the highest level of global financial experience while working on cutting edge finance technology at Philips Electronics and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). His interest in the blockchain space led him down a research path and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in succeeding in the complex world of Blockchain from a finance, business, and marketing standpoint.

About TosDis

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to stake different ERC-20 tokens and later expand to include tokens from other blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform. TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of tokens for their communities to provide Staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

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