TosDis joined the Fantom Opera Network!

Tosdis Finance
3 min readMay 30, 2021


It’s fair to say that Fantom has been gaining massive adoption this year, already proving itself as an important player in the current race for the most scalable layer-1 smart contract platform. Among those available on the market today, Fantom has grown leaps and bounds in the past year. This growth and Fantom’s differentiators were also described by by Simone, Head of Marketing at Fantom, in a recently hosted AMA in our community :

The main difference is the consensus mechanism. Fantom has an aBFT (asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant) consensus that allows ultra fast transaction speed and low time to finality. At the moment, transactions cost a fraction of a cent (even with the latest gas increase to combat spamming) and take 1 second on average to confirm.

Also Fantom is EVM compatible, which means developers can easily port their dapps from Ethereum to Fantom. For the end users it’s a very similar experience as well since they can use Metamask to interact with the network.

Besides that, we’re receiving a lot of love from premiere protocols on Ethereum, C.R.E.A.M. and Curve are early examples of that. And of course also having an easy to use bridge,, helps a lot.

By positioning ourselves early on Opera we can cement ourselves as one of the most optimized cross-chain DeFi options in the world. TosDis can become an important pillar in Fantom’s future as a global juggernaut in the world of scalable Decentralized Finance. We support Fantom’s vision of a decentralized scaling solution to Ethereum, and by integrating them into our platform, we can provide our community with lightning quick transactions for staking and yield farming. By implementing the Fantom Network, TosDis will be able to make DeFi accessible to more and more users. Ultimately making it easy to claim staking rewards and to reinvest them when available, almost entirely reducing the cost of transactions in general.

Despite the growth and adoption of the Fantom Ecosystem, most of the protocols still have poor liquidity for now. By integrating the Fantom mainnet, TosDis will be able to offer staking pools, yield farming and a high-quality launchpad that will help to grow the ecosystem and community. Simultaneously, the Fantom network and community will be mutually beneficial as TosDis will be able to profit from the very rapid growth and mentioned advantages this ecosystem has to offer. Simone described the community as follows :

Fantom has a special, hard-core community that is extremely supportive of every new project that launches. We’ve all been waiting to use the network and we finally can, with some great protocols and dapps that launched recently. DeFi on Fantom is a different experience compared to all the other platforms you mentioned.

By integrating Fantom, projects on the ecosystem will be able to directly list public staking and farming pools, which aren’t verified by our team or can make an application to launch verified pools. Verified pools will be checked by our team in order to get the tag. In addition, projects looking to raise funds will be able to apply for an IDO by filling in our application form. Moreover, projects are also able to launch presales, private sales (with hardcoded vesting periods) through our launchpad.

The future of DeFi is undoubtedly cross-chain, and by being agile and adapting to the changing DeFi landscape, we can cater to the entire DeFi market at once. Thus, cross-pollinating with those established communities and providing value to their market participants. Our long term goal is to integrate all the major blockchains, to have strong offerings for all of them and to be the highest quality one-stop shop for cross-chain DeFi on the market.

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