TosDis dApp UI updates and new wallet integrations — A step ahead

We are excited to announce that the TosDis dApp has been updated successfully. The user interface (UI) has had a facelift to make the differentiation of BSC and ERC-20 pools for stakers.

Support has been integrated for multiple wallets including metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet and WalletConnect, allowing support for 12 wallets.

A guide Page has also been added to provide support for pool creators and users

Below are the update notes

  • Information about pools is now available even if wallet is not connected to dApp

We would like to thank the community for your continued support. Stay tuned for further updates

About TosDis

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to create pools and stake any ERC-20 and BSC tokens and is working on expanding to other blockchains as well such as Polkadot, Opera, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform. TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of tokens for their communities to provide staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

Official Links for TosDis

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