TosDis Community and Project Update — The Path Forward

Tosdis Finance
3 min readFeb 22, 2022


Dear Community,

We would like to address the current organizational situation at TosDis. Apart from all that has been happening in front, we believe the community deserves some clarity on the backend and our team’s status.

The last few months have been critical for us as a project, as we have had to make difficult decisions to keep this project alive and avoid disappointing our community by closing it due to lack of funding. The team worked hard to turn things around, used the last resources to integrate the Polygon network, and brought an incredible Metarun strategic round sale. That helped us reset everything and keep the ship going but at the cost of compromising DAO development. We believe we have done a decent job of delivering the promises, brought many pools and IDOs to the platform, and will strive to do so.

We would like to officially inform the Community that Mr. Mamoon Yousaf has stepped down since the mid of december. Currently, the tech team handles the project and will strive to keep it running and hopefully revive it again by bringing more IDOs and strategic partnerships. This can only be possible with the complete support of the community.

Here is a detailed update about Ex-CEO, Mr. Mamoon Yousaf.

Having done with the recent Metarun IDO, we’re currently on a progressive growth path and striving for a totally different place for the platform. Getting us to where we’re today wouldn’t have been possible without the solid and insightful leadership of CEO Mamoon Yousaf. Mamoon has decided to pursue one of his other ideas and we wish him luck with all his future endeavors.

His decision to pursue the idea means he will leave the active role of managing Tosdis as CEO. We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Mamoon for all his contributions. We request the community to be considerate and farewell Mr. Mamoon Yousaf as he has done his best to make the project successful.

Just to clarify,

Some people have been spreading false rumors that the team has been selling tokens. The team has not sold any tokens since its inception. The same can be verified over the blockchain.

Also, It has come to our attention that the community has been attacking group mods personally, which is highly unethical, and we strongly condemn this act. Community mods are hired based on their skill, acting as a bridge for communication. Therefore, we request the community to be respectful and not blame the community mods as they had nothing to do with project development.

Moving forward,

Considering the fact that the project has limited resources left, we will make some decisions to make the project more manageable.

We are planning and working on the following developments:

1- Concentrate the Dex Liquidity to the BSC network.

2- Deploy long-term Staking/Farming pools on a single network for a uniform rewards distribution.

3- Distribute 50% of Tosdis Foundation tokens to the Staking/Farming pools.

4- All the networks will keep running for other projects to utilize.

5- Burn max fee collected from the platform. A minimal fee will be used to cover running costs.

6- Implement community voting to make important decisions.

7- Distribute rewards from advisory & marketing allocation to community members who help in bringing IDOs and staking/farming pools to the platform.

We know this is unfortunate, and we wholeheartedly apologize to the Community. However, we believe that the project and Community will come out stronger.