TosDis Bridge is now live — A guide on how to use ERC20 <> BSC Bridge

WrappedDIS(BSC) contract details: 0x57efFdE2759b68d86C544e88F7977e3314144859

- Use the above contract address to add WrappedDIS to your wallet
- Use the above contract address to find and trade WrappedDIS on Pancake swap.

Guide on how to use TosDis Erc20 <> BEP20 bridge

1: Open Bridge tab on Tosdis App and connect your wallet.

2: Enter the amount you wish to transfer to BSC network and click Approve. Wait for the approve transaction to complete. (Check the transaction status from your metamask wallet).

3: Once Approved, Click transfer and approve transfer to BSC.

4: Confirm the transaction from your Wallet (prefer high gas fees).

5: Once you confirm the transaction in your wallet. Wait!! Your screen will stay like this until the transaction is complete.

6: Once the transaction is done, a pop up will appear and will ask you to change the blockchain network in your wallet to BSC.

7: Change your network to BSC.

8: Your transaction will appear under transact to BSC box. “Signed” section will appear as “NO”. Track your transaction from your wallet.

9: Once 12 network confirmation are done, signed section will change to Yes and a “Receive” button under “Action” section will appear.

10: Click on Receive and claim your Wrapped DIS on BSC network. (Preferred Gas price: 25, Gas Limit: 200000

11: Confirm and wait for the transaction to complete. A pop up will appear once done.

12: Done!! Your DIS are now on the BSC network.