TosDis Announces its public sale offering on Polkastarter

This story will be continuously updated leading up to the sales day.

TosDis is delighted to announce that our Initial Dex Offering (IDO) will be held on January 18, 2021, on the Polkastarter platform. The total sale is, however, will be split into two parts, which will be explained below in this article.

As you all might already know, TosDis has been a self-funded venture for its initial stage and there have been no seed rounds or private sales, resulting in no large token holders before the public offering. TosDis will be doing a single round offering of a fair Public sale to its community.

TosDis Overview and the Goals of the Token Sale

At TosDis, we pride ourselves on being “The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution’’. We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-aService, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced DEX.

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to stake different ERC-20 tokens and later expand to include tokens from other blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform.

TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of their tokens for their communities to provide staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

One of the primary objectives of TosDis is to let users to earn rewards from staking without locking their crypto-assets; initially, liquid staking will be available for Ethereum without the restriction to deposit a minimum of 32 Eth. Users can stake a small amount of Eth in a secure and decentralized manner with no risk of losing as a software failure, malicious third-parties, and market volatility.

Raised funds from the public sale will be used to support our continuous development. Fueling our vision to offer Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Products as a service to the crypto market space and serve the community in a truly decentralized manner.

Our whole platform is interconnected with DIS token utility which is integrated into each and every feature of the TosDis ecosystem. There are multiple ways users can yield farm their investments and automatically support DIS token and TosDis ecosystem as a whole. DIS token supply is set at 100,000 DIS. DIS will be burned from the business revenue until only 50% of the supply remains.

As for the use case of the DIS token, We have created a token utility model that is deflationary and extremely rewarding for end-users. Detailed token metrics and token utility can be viewed at

IDO Details for TosDis’s Deflationary Token

Total supply: 100,000 DIS

Public offering: 35,000 DIS

Polkastarter Allocation: 8750 DIS

TosDis Platform allocation: 26250 DIS

Expected initial Mcap: $1.8–2.1m

TosDis Polkastarter IDO Whitelisting Details

TosDis Polkastarter IDO Whitelisting will start on January 14th 2020 at 1 PM UTC and close on January 15th at 3 PM UTC.

Whitelisting Details:

- There will be 2 whitelisted pools.
- POLS holders will get a 10% discount. (Users who hold at least 3000 $POLS in their wallet).
- Non-POLS holders will get a 5% discount.
- Each Address is allowed to submit only one entry.
- Winners will be announced on January 17th.

Note: Mentioned discount is applied on the DIS Auction price.

TosDis Polkastarter IDO Whitelisting is now Live.

Visit the following link for submissions:

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is an innovative blockchain-based platform that leverages its own multi-chain infrastructure to enable decentralized fundraising efforts. Its cross-chain IDO platform also helps users to earn yield.


Tosdis’s IDO sale for the DIS deflationary token will start on January 18, 2021 on Polkastarter. The sale will be split into two parts.

A quarter of the total token allocation will be sold on Polkastarter, and all remaining tokens will be sold on the TosDis platform. The complete sale will require a whitelisting process. Further details about the sale’s process and metrics will be announced in the coming days.

Here, we would like to take the opportunity to inform our community that we have a tier-2 listing confirmed on a CEX along with the Uniswap listing. While we are in talks with another Top tier exchange, nothing is confirmed for the latter.

More information will be relayed as our endeavors progress. To stay up to date, kindly follow our official social media channels.

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