Tosdis — A new DeFi platform at the intersection of Liquid Staking and Staking-as-a-Service

In an exciting step for the DeFi sector, Tosdis is bringing together staking-as-a-service and liquid staking to unlock greater accessibility to digital assets.

This new model will create a bridge between ERC-20 tokens and other blockchains to create free circulation of tokens wrapped and staked against TosdiS tokens between all networks.

The move brings crypto holders firmly into the DeFi ecosystem and will provide them with a new horizon. Holders can choose to stake their preferred cryptocurrency through Tosdis EasyStake and the resulting staked Tosdis tokens will be tradable or usable in DeFi scenarios.

Tosdis EasyStake represents an opportunity for the crypto community to participate in both liquid staking and a staking-as-a-service project and experience the enhanced interoperability available within the broader blockchain space, so we can further extend our reach into DeFi.

Why Liquid Staking is the Way to True DeFi

By pooling staking assets of our users based on the projects they participate in, Tosdis EasyStake positions will give token holders a higher degree of freedom in managing their assets and will accelerate decentralized finance innovation. By allowing users to simultaneously stake and access services on the connected platforms — Polkadot, Tron, etc. — we are able to open up permissionless innovation for staking assets and enable other financial products to be simultaneously used.

We view Liquid Staking as the next logical step in perfecting the original PoS mechanism. In the eve of Ethereum’s migration to a Proof-of-Stake model, we are already aware of the core limitation of Proof-of-Stake protocols in the form of restrictions that

result in an inability to liquidate staked assets, e.g. the common unbonding period. Liquid staking solution will allow stakers to trade a representation of their staked assets and thus improve liquidity of staked assets.

The new approach to staking Tosdis offers is a step up from traditional PoS staking. Even Staking-as-a Service platforms and exchanges only allow users to stake the tokens of the blockchain that they’re contributing to. Thus participants often have to load up on the asset that they’re staking in order to increase their chances of being selected for validation. This means one’s staked assets are frozen and thus completely illiquid. Liquid staking is a version of PoS in which participants can choose to stake any digital asset for a variety of blockchains and are given a derivative to trade in the interim as their assets are frozen. It literally makes whatever assets are currently staked, liquid.

But with liquid staking users can stake any digital asset from interconnecting blockchains linked to the Tosdis EasyStake mechanism.

Users are given 1:1 derivatives when their assets are staked, and are thus able to continue to earn revenue off of these assets through block and fee rewards, maintain liquidity, trade assets, and retain custody, all at a lower risk. This also enables a constant rotation of power within the network and increases the number of members validating different transactions.

Powered by the deflationary TosdiS Token, all projects on interconnecting blockchains will be able to allow their holders to stake tokens in return for staking rewards. The fees paid by projects for using Tosdis EasyStake will go directly into the deflation mechanism burning TosdiS tokens. This process will continue until 50% of all TosdiS token have been burnt.

Staking tokens from a variety of independent blockchains (without the pesky scaling limitations) seems to be a natural next step in the crypto industry. Liquid staking is a transformative pivot away from traditional PoS, avoiding the classic “rich get richer” model that only rewards those who create the largest stakes and prevents users from temporarily losing custody of their assets.

How Tosdis EasyStake is Transforming Staking-as-a-Service

By opening up users to a more liquid, safer, and efficient method of staking, Tosdis can move towards a more environmentally conscious and egalitarian method of validation.

It is all about allowing users to earn yields on ERC-20 tokens and other digital assets to help crypto newcomers grow their investments with a simple, secure, low-friction service. Tosdis EasyStake’s features include one-click staking for rewards and automated claiming and re-staking.

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