Timechain ($TCS) IDO on Fantom Network Details

IDO Information

Timechain will launch its IDO pools on our platform on September 27th, 2021 at 2PM UTC. All the necessary information will be directly included on our platform by the Timechain team. https://app.tosdis.finance/ido

Maximum allocation amount per Tier

Elite Tier: 1968.4863 FTM
VIP Tier: 383 FTM

Unclaimed allocations

Unclaimed allocations will be gathered in a free pool that will, if necessary, be launched. All IDO-participants will have the opportunity to participate in this newly created pool on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum allocation amount for each participant will be communicated through our socials.

28th of September: Listing day

Timechain will list their token on the two biggest Fantom Network DEX’s SpiritSwap and SpookySwap on September 28th at 4pm UTC with a listing price of $0.7 paired to FTM followed by listing $TCS tokenon their own DEX aggregator TimechainSwap where you will get the best return for your trade. Keep on eye on their social channels that you can find at the bottom of this article to stay informed.

Get started with Fantom Network

How to buy your allocation on TosLabs

1. Navigate to the https://app.tosdis.finance/ido page on Fantom Network

Timechain Details

TimechainSwap aims to be the most competitive DEX aggregator platform across multiple DeFi networks, starting with the Fantom Network. By doing so, it will provide users with a more seamless and cost-effective tool for their blockchain activities, which will be a critical milestone in the evolving ecosystem of decentralized exchanges.

TosDis Details

TosDis is a permissionless One-Stop DeFi Interoperable Solution that offers white-label solutions, allowing projects to offer services such as staking, yield farming and liquidity staking to their users affordably and securely. Furthermore, TosLabs, the incubator protocol of TosDis, aims to give upcoming and innovative projects the smoothest experience to take their project to the next level.



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