The global impact of blockchain on finance and the importance of Tosdis

Currently, the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and its impact on the development of the financial system both globally and nationally is of considerable interest.

Blockchain is a distributed database that works on the principle of a P2P network. All computers store information about the state of the network, and transactions occur when everyone reaches a consensus.

Blockchain technology is “end-to-end,” that is, one that can be applied in many areas of the economy, management, including state and municipal, and the social sphere.

Benefits and prospects of blockchain

Already today, the blockchain has established itself as an excellent database that allows you to store information most reliably. To date, no major blockchain has been hacked.

The potential of blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrencies and has mostly not been revealed yet. These technologies have great potential for many areas of socio-economic relations between individuals, firms, the state, and the financial sector.

It is already clear that the financial sector must prepare for significant changes.

In addition, according to a report by the Chinese government, after introducing the blockchain, the costs of bureaucracy were significantly reduced in the field of real estate registration, where it was introduced, and the efficiency increased several times.

Therefore, the blockchain is gradually being introduced into the representative institutions. For example, JP Morgan is actively pursuing R&D in this area, as is Deutschebank in Germany.

Tosdis platform benefits

Tosdis provides the following opportunities for users:

✔️ Liquid Staking. Tokenize your staked assets via Liquid staking, which empowers users to access Defi and manage their assets more flexibly.

✔️ Staking-as-a-Service. Flexible, cross-chain staking mechanism for any ERC-20 token. The unique mechanism of Tosdis means we can offer Staking-as-a-Service to dozens of platforms via our smart contract-based Defi staking.

✔️ Yield Farming. Easy, safe, and secure way to offer liquidity mining service to your holders. Earn yields by farming any ERC20 token available on EasyStake.

✔️ Tosdex. An Advanced, featureful, lowest fee swapping protocol using the liquidity staking mechanism and advanced revenue model to offer the lowest trading fee for the traders and best returns for the liquidity providers.

✔️ P2P lending and borrowing. A smart contract-based P2P, low fee, non-custodial, collateralized borrowing, and lending protocol. Lend, borrow assets in a trust-less manner directly with the 2nd party with zero involvement of a third party.

✅ Blockchain has great promise in finance and beyond. Banks and states are already looking for ways to implement it. With blockchain, you can also get excellent staking profit on the Tosdis platform.

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