NFT Platform ($PRT) joins the TosDis Ecosystem

New staking and farming pools rewarding nearly $150,000 in $PRT!

Tosdis Finance
4 min readAug 15, 2021

We have another hot partnership coming at you, this time with Portion, the 21st Century Auction House for NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles.

The Portion Ecosystem — NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs.

  • NFTs — One-of-a-kind digital items that push the boundaries of art and technology.
  • DeFi — A shared economy with the $PRT Token powering staking, royalties, bidding, and payments.
  • DAOs — Aligning incentives with decentralized governance and voting.

We’ve been seeing a lot of updates from the Portion team lately and like to use this opportunity to highlight some:

This collaboration is going to be one of the largest (and most unique) to date! With nearly $150,000 in value being split across the TosDis ETH & BSC staking and farming pools, for our users to enjoy!

What the Partnership Entails 🤝

Let’s get to the juicy stuff. This crossover with Portion will include the following incentives running over a period of 1 month with a total of 5.75 Million in $PRT.

🚜 Portion is adding a new PRT-ETH & PRT-BNB farm, rewarding 3 Million PRT on the ETH side and 2 Million PRT on the BSC side

🌾 Portion is adding a new staking pool to single stake PRT, rewarding 500,000 PRT on the ETH side and 250,000 PRT on the BSC side

Let’s make this simple, you as a farmer, have one job, providing liquidity to a pool. But to do so, there are a few steps to go through. First, you need ETH or BNB in your DeFi wallet. Second, you need to obtain the required assets for your farm of choice. Finally, start farming and collect that fat yield.

We’re going to assume that you do already know how to get ETH or BNB and transfer it to your wallet. If you don’t own any yet, you will have a hard time participating in any ETH or BSC-based economies.

PRT Yield Farming

To participate in any of the pools, We’re going to need to obtain some PRT, which brings us to step two. There are a few different ways to get PRT, so we’re going to click on ‘Explorers’ here in CoinMarketcap to see what DEX options PRT provides.

We’re going to stick to the DEX options and swap using Uniswap V2 (0x6D0F5149c502faf215C89ab306ec3E50b15e2892) for PRT-ETH liquidity or Pancakeswap (0xAF00aAc2431b04EF6afD904d19B08D5146e3A9A0) for PRT-BNB liquidity. Copy the address or click the link and import the PRT token on the DEX, here you can swap your desired amount of ETH or BNB into PRT (Make sure you keep enough ETH or BNB liquidity in your wallet to pair with your PRT in the following steps on a 50/50 basis in dollar value).

So in the next step, It’s time to provide liquidity, so let’s head over to the pool/liquidity tabs on Uniswap v2 or Pancakswap and choose your desired amount to create your Portion LP token.

We’re in the last step now. It’s time to farm, so let’s head over to the TosDis farming section select your network (ETH or BSC) in the top right corner. Find the pool for the PRT pair, hit stake or approve if you didn’t yet and click the MAX button to put all your LP to work.

Portion Details

Portion is the premier online marketplace connecting artists and collectors through Blockchain technology to easily sell, invest and own art and collectibles with complete transparency.

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TosDis is a permissionless One-Stop DeFi Interoperable Solution that offers white-label solutions, allowing projects to offer services such as staking, yield farming and liquidity staking to their users affordably and securely. Furthermore, TosLabs, the incubator protocol of TosDis, aims to give upcoming and innovative projects the smoothest experience to take their project to the next level.

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