Development Update — Introducing our “Pool Top-Up” and “Reinvest” mechanisms

Tosdis Finance
3 min readMay 18, 2021

The DeFi scene is ever-changing and so is our protocol. We recently made some changes to our code in order to offer our users the best possible experience. These changes are two-folded and consist of 1. making it possible for projects to top up their staking and farming pools with new rewards and 2. implementing the “Reinvest”-button.

  1. Our modified code will grant projects the opportunity to top up their rewards and will automatically adjust the APY in accordance with this top-up. By implementing these changes, users who are staking or farming will not be faced with unstaking and restaking their liquidity or rewards and can keep staking and farming in the same pools. This will of course be subjected to the wishes of each project as they will decide to top up their pools and rewards or not.
  2. As a second modification we want to introduce our “Reinvest” mechanism, which all comes down to introducing a compounding mechanism. As everyone’s aware, compounding has always been an effective way of accumulating wealth and as the famous saying goes “He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it”. So before we dive into our recent developments we want to highlight the benefits of compounding.

Take for example an investment that guarantees a monthly return of 1%. An investment of 1,000 USD will bring you 10 USD per month and 120 USD annually. However, by using a compounding mechanism, the return on investment will be included in the basis of your principal every month, thus resulting in an annual return of 126.83 USD. This seems like a small benefit, but the longer the capital remains locked in the protocol, the greater the profits will be due to the exponential effect of the mechanism.

If we take the same example but we include a holding term of 48 months the regular investment (without compounding mechanism) will earn you 480 USD, while the investment (with compounding mechanism) will earn you 612.23 USD. Increase your initial investment and the wonders of compounding can boost it tremendously. Just bear in mind that time is on your side while using this mechanism. After all, the longer you accumulate, the sweeter the gain will be.

In order to facilitate such a compounding mechanism, we’ve modified our code. Instead of unstaking and restaking profits, our protocol now offers an easy-to-use “Reinvest button”, which will enable users to compound their newly earned staking rewards and accelerate the growth of their DeFi assets.

Furthermore, we would like to introduce our new DIS staking and farming pools. The details can be found down below :

Start : May 18th, 2021 16:00 UTC

Farming Pool Rewards
400 DIS on BSC — BNB-DIS on Cake LP
300 DIS on ETH — ETH-DIS on UNI LP

Single Asset Staking Rewards
150 DIS on BSC
150 DIS on ETH

Due to the fact that our most recent pools have ended already we weren’t able to top up these pools. Participants will, for the last time, need to unstake their rewards and liquidity and restake them into the new pools in order to be eligible for new rewards.

By implementing these changes, we want to offer our users an easy solution without any additional hassles or barriers and come through on our promises to become the one-stop DeFi interoperable solution.