Announcing TosDis Easystake and Liquidity mining program details

We at TosDis are excited to announce that the TosDis Easystake main-net will be launching on February 7, 2021. Easystake is one of our most highly anticipated and important products on which we have been working for the last four months.

We believe Easystake is the missing piece in the world of DeFi. Easystake allows anyone to run staking pools, yield farming pools, and Liquidity mining programs in a permissionless way. Furthermore, Easystake removes the barriers to development, the time spent, and the financial costs that come with it. Any project will be able to launch staking contracts as their own and offer staking or liquidity mining programs for their holders in the easiest way possible.

TosDis Easystake: What’s to expect?

- Permissionless staking pools
- Permissionless Liquidity farming pools
- Permissionless Yield farming pools

Any ERC20-based project will be able to deploy staking contracts on the Easystake platform and offer cheap and affordable staking to its token holders. The contracts are highly customizable, allowing project owners to decide from several metrics which include the time frame of the pool, reward structure, reward token, and so on.

The flexibility of the staking contracts allows projects to run cross-marketing campaigns by setting rewards of staking in a different token of their partner projects, opening them up to a range of possibilities.

We truly believe the nature of Easystake will change the way how staking is done. The open, cheap, permissionless, and accessible-to-all nature of Easystake will open doors to hundreds of projects in the market who otherwise cannot afford to buy costly staking contracts or take up the hassle of complex development. This will help tons of projects develop a loyal holder base while developing and growing their businesses.

To summarize, we would also like to inform the community that TosDis will be offering a 50% discount on the initially set fee of 2 ETH worth of DIS tokens for contract deployment for the first month. The effective fee will be 1 ETH worth of DIS. The breakdown of the fee is as below:

- 45% distributed to the $DIS holders
- 45% $DIS Burned
- 10% goes to the TosDis foundation

The complete guide on how to use the Easystake platform and deploy contracts will be posted in the next few days, just in time for the launch.

TosDis $DIS Liquidity mining program

TosDis is excited to announce that the program will reward DIS Liquidity Providers (LPs) on Uniswap with up to 1000 DIS in the first month for DIS/ETH pair. Furthermore, a 30% fee earned from listings will be added to this pool that will increase the pool rewards even more. This reward amount will be distributed in proportion to the amount of liquidity each person provides, therefore the APR per person will depend on how many LPs participate.

TosDis’s $DIS Staking program

NOTE: Rewards will reduce in the subsequent rounds depending on the market conditions and available supply allocation. Initially, the allocation of rewards for pools will be decided on by the team. Later on, this decision will also be handed over to TosDis DAO. DAO members will be able to make decisions regarding rewards allocation for all the TosDis native pools.

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