Announcing first verified liquidity staking project — HYVE

Dear TosDis Community,

We are delighted to announce our first verified staking pool on Easystake — HYVE. HYVE is a DeFi centric autonomous ecosystem that solves the current problems in the global freelance and workforce market, leveraging the power of decentralized technologies while adding features that are non-existent on any existing platform (centralized & decentralized). The result is a community-governed system that drastically brings down costs for all parties involved, offers complete flexibility, cuts out the middleman, welcomes the unbanked, provides transparency, and ensures safety, all in a decentralized manner rewarding token holders.

HYVE Liquidity farming via TosDis Easystake

As we all know, Staking is a way to earn passive income while supporting and holding the tokens of the project you love. With the emergence of 100s of DeFi projects built on top of the Ethereum network and other blockchains, Staking has never been more relevant. Usually, Staking is reserved for projects with their own main-net, which leaves out all these exciting new DeFi projects built on top of networks like Ethereum. TosDis Easystake offers an easy to use, Permissionless, and completely decentralized solution to all the ERC20 projects at a fraction of a cost.

TosDis Easystake — as they call it, the Uniswap of staking. Accessible to everyone in a truly decentralized manner. Easystake contracts are highly customizable. Allowing projects like HYVE to choose a structure that works best for them w.r.t to their token metrics, token holders, Projects goals, etc. Offering its token holders an opportunity to maximize their Yields by locking tokens while the team builds and delivers on their road mapped goals. We welcome HYVE into the TosDis ecosystem.

We are thankful to our community for the continued support. Three weeks in, we have come a long way in delivering the products, and there is a long way ahead. Just the start!

Thanks for reading the article.

About TosDis Platform

Staking-as-a-Service allows TosDis to offer the stake to all the Ethereum network projects (initially), making Staking easy, accessible, and affordable to all the present and upcoming projects in a permissionless and trustless manner. A truly decentralized staking platform. Any tokenized project will be able to interact with the TosDis Master Contract to create and deploy a customized staking contract where users can stake specific tokens and earn pool rewards.

Supported services

  • Staking-as-a-service
  • Liquidity farming-as-service
  • Yield farming-as-a-service

The platform can be accessed here:

Offer staking to your holders:




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