A Brief Summary of our Past and Future Journey

With all the progress being made behind the scenes and the growing popularity of TosDis and its community, we want to take a look at the short, but achievement-filled development of the TosDis Platform and give a little glimpse into the exciting future.

Start of the journey in 2020

2020 not only marked the beginning of a rapid expansion of the DeFi sector, but also the kick-off for the concept behind TosDis. The Team saw the growing need of Staking- and Farming-as-a-Service platforms, that would not only operate across all chains, but also introduce easy usability not only for DeFi veterans, but also for the more mainstream users.

Apart from a comprehensive concept and organization, we established a dedicated team that is more than capable of building the one-stop-DeFi Solution that TosDis has become in 2021. Having jumped over all the bureaucratic hurdles, TosDis was ready to be introduced to the public at the end of 2020.

In December 2020 the first intro youtube video was published and quickly gained popularity among the crypto community and media outlets, which were looking for new and exciting projects within the revolutionary field of DeFi.

With already finished security audits by hacken.io and fast development of the technological foundation, TosDis had accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and was ready to deploy its full potential onto the market.

Q1 2021

To say that 2021 has been the most exciting phase for TosDis so far, would be an understatement. Not only can we look back at our quickly growing and supportive community of over 10.000 Followers on Twitter and almost 9.000 active Members in our Telegram, we also made the biggest achievements to our ecosystem to date. Starting the year, we held our TosDis IDO on Polkastarter (selling out in a fraction of time), launched our very own deflationary Utility Token DIS and granted various benefits to holders, such as rewards through staking and liquidity mining.

Following the release of our DIS Token on Polkastarter, listings on CEXs and DEXs like Uniswap, followed shortly after.

Furthermore, by integrating our native token on the EasyStake platform, the foundation for a revolutionary staking platform was laid out and ready to attract the attention of more projects and users.

A major interoperability milestone was achieved in Q1 by introducing our first new network to the platform. By integrating the Binance Smart Chain into the TosDis ecosystem, our platform granted DIS holders new farming and staking opportunities. It’s fair to say that things were moving fast for TosDis and we were confident to continue our development in the following months.

Q2 2021

In Q2 our application already received an Interface update, adding new features for users to explore. TosDis 2.0 featured UI updates for a smoother experience, as well as introducing our BSC-ETH Bridge and TosLabs implementations.

Just two months after launching our main net, we introduced our very own IDO Launchpad called Toslabs, with InvestDex and Iagon as our first two IDOs. Apart from giving DIS holders the ability to take part in our special tiered vesting schedule for IDO launches, we also integrated our new audited ETH-BSC Bridge for a quick and easy conversion for all ETH-BSC tokens. Having integrated the BSC to our ecosystem, a listing on Pancakeswap was the logical way forward.

Staying true to our promise to connect all major chains in our applications, and not even two months after integrating the BSC into our platform, we recently integrated the Fantom network into our ecosystem.

With TosDis providing essential farming support for projects on the Opera network, we further strengthened our foundation to become the one-stop DeFi solution that projects and users are looking for.

Besides providing liquidity pools for the very popular Opera network, TosLabs will also serve as a first stepping stone for launching new projects, making TosLabs one of the the first launchpads on the Fantom Network.

Being a DeFi project at heart, implementing a lending and borrowing protocol was inevitable, bringing a much-needed addition not only to cryptocurrencies themselves, but to our platform as well. After all, our goal is to give our users the ability to use all the functions DeFi has to offer in a simple and easy-to-use platform. This function will be implemented shortly.

Q3 2021 and Beyond

This brings us to the future. Things are not slowing down and given our track record, TosDis will be introducing multiple exciting new features. As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, we would love to share a few teasers concerning our upcoming updates that are just around the corner.

Cardano and Solana integration

When it comes to cross chain support, we have already made leaps of progress in the last four months and we will continue to do so in the upcoming months.

Q3 will feature the integration of one of the biggest and most anticipated blockchain platforms: Cardano. We are very excited to be interlinking with one of the top projects in crypto and think it will make a great extension to our ecosystem. Another major step forward is the integration of the Solana Network. Despite being a fairly new and highly technological project, Solana has been able to gather a massive community.

As demand is surging for highly scalable blockchain networks, Solana is among the most promising Layer 1 solutions. Integrating Solana into our ecosystem will be an important step and allows us to take part in a very promising future.

Liquid Staking

In Q3 we will also be integrating our liquid staking protocol into our Easystake system. Given our goal to prevent unnecessary hurdles and barriers for farming applications, we aim to improve our staking functionality. Liquid staking will allow users to stake their assets through TosDis and receive a 1:1 asset-backed token in exchange for the staked asset. Keeping locked funds liquid by adding this system, users will be able to further utilize the issued token to their liking.


Another leap forward will be the addition of our own decentralized cross-chain exchange with integrated high-end trading features like stop-loss or take-profit orders. We see Automated market makers (AMMs) like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, as the future of exchanging digital assets. With the introduction of TosDex, we will be able to add another massive feature to our platform in order to make TosDis a household name when it comes to DeFi applications.

NFT launchpad

IN Q3 we will also introduce our very own NFT Launchpad into the platform. By doing so, we will grant our users the ability to mint NFTs across different supported blockchains. Users will be able to hold these NFTs in their supported wallet or migrate them to another supported marketplace. Again, we want to keep pushing developments in order to give our users the option to use our protocol for as many functions as possible.

This should wrap up today’s sneak-peek of upcoming features and we will continue to update our roadmap with planned and requested features in the near future. We can’t wait for our community to be able to utilize our platform without boundaries and aim to redefine DeFi applications to make them easily accessible for everyone.